ANK47 & SILVANA - Online



Data: 16 Martie 2021, 20:00 Marți


This weekend is an all girls weekend and today Ank47& Silvana prepared a special setup up of all girls artists. Especially during this time we will be very strict about reservations, number of people at the tables and wearing a mask when ordering. But music has to go on, and we can at least enjoy it through the live stream.

The music is inside, but we can enjoy a hot drink on the terrace while listenting
It's tough times for all of us and safety is our main concern so we need to make some adjustments in order to be able to keep meeting you guys.
RESERVATIONS are mandatory. Please write us a message and we will respond you in "order of appereance". If you are coming over without reservation and there is no sitting place, sorry we can't host you.


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