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Data: 28 Iulie 2019, 20:00 Duminică


NERVOCHAOS - Extreme Metal from São Paulo/SP

Fed-up with the entire trend flooding the scene, NERVOCHAOS was born on the spring of 96, with the idea of creating an aggressive and chaotic music. NERVOCHAOS gained cult status in the extreme music scene due to their hard work over the past years, offering a sonic extravaganza in their unique way.
Their 1st four track demo-tape, “Nervo Chaos” is released in late 96 and followed by a few shows and small tours around Brazil. “Pay Back Time” is the band’s debut full length album and it was released in early 98 by Tumba Records.
“Disfigured Christ” is the 2nd four track demo-tape and came out in early 2000. NERVOCHAOS released in 2002, their 2nd full length CD “Legion of Spirits Infernal”. Their 3rd four track demo-tape, “Necro Satanic Cult”, was released in 2004. Their demo-tapes have become collector’s items in the underground, supporting their releases.

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