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Data: 21 Iunie 2019, 21:00 Vineri


Thrash metal party with 2 bands from Italy:Scyther & Dust!!!

Scyther was founded in December 2013 and plays thrash metal inspired by classical heavy and thrash metal such as: Metallica - Anthrax - Megadeth - Slayer - Lamb of God - Pantera
Their songs are characterized by a dark and heavy sound with fast rhythms on the drum and furious guitar rifs.
The band recorded its first EP 2017/2018. EP "Blinded" and deals mainly with issues such as injustice and discrimination.
In the summer of 2018, after winning the music contest, the band signed for Heart of Steel Records (a subsidiary of the largest DeFox Record), and from September 15, "Blinded" is available for purchase at major online platforms.

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