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Data: 2 Martie 2019, 20:00 Sâmbătă


SUNNATA - ritual heavy music / Warsaw, Poland Sunnata expands sonic scope to outer space realms by putting together crushing post-doom tones, fiery vocals and an overall trance-inducing songwriting

WEEDPECKER - stoner, psychedelic, grunge / Warsaw, Poland
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Weedpecker was born in Warsaw circa 2012, when the Dobry bros' (Wyro and Barn'dos) decided to match their dreamy psychedelic rock tunes with some stoner heavy grungy riffingg...soon joined the drummer Falon, who plays also for ultraslow doomers '"Belzebong'". After the summer of 2012 the lineup was completed with the Spanish bassist Jeso, who was earlier in some extreme acts like "Looking For An Answer" and "Antigama". In April 2013 Weedpecker came out with their first self titled album "Weedpecker" and since then, they have been promoting it supporting bands like Elder, Naam or Mars Red Sky.
In 2014, Jeso was replaced by Mroku and the group began writing material for their second full length. The resulting album, "II", was recorded in February 2015 by Satanic Audio and was released in April... And then once upon 'a time'a, Mroku and Falon was replaced with Karol and Kuyks, and the story goes'.

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