Tango Jazz Quartet (Arg)



Data: 21 August 2022, 20:00 Duminică


Tango Jazz Quartet is a wonderful and creative collision of Argentinian Tango and Jazz roots.
With 10 albums released and 25 international tours made, the band performed in the most
prestigious jazz clubs and festivals in Europe, USA, China, Russia, South America and Africa.
LIVE at Manufactura!
Sunday, 21 august, at 20:00
presale, first 30 tickets: 30 lei online - (link soon)
at the door: 40 lei
About Tango Jazz Quartet:
“Synphonic Piazzolla” was his last project, premiered in 2021 together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nis Serbia and the group is currently working on a version for chamber orchestra that
it will present at the end of 2022.
This showcase is a unique musical fusion of Tango and Jazz, a fascinating journey from the origins of traditional Tango to the innovative proposals of Astor Piazzolla's music.
Tango Jazz Quartet magically captures the harmonies and the improvisation of jazz to blend them with the melodies and rhythms of tango. The striking contrast between the vibrant and playful
"milongas", the romantic "tango-waltzes" and the electrifying music of Piazzzola will not leave anyone in the audience indifferent.
The band has also worked in the production of musical films: it has produced the documentary
"Tango Meets Jazz" premiered at the 2020 Black Mountin Jazz Festival in Wales and the film "Centenary of Music & composer Astor Piazzola" together to Welsh violinist Xenia Porteus premiered
at the 2021 Brecon Jazz Festival in Wales.
Saxophonist and clarinetist Gustavo Firmenich, leader of TJQ recreated with this band the dancing evenings that were common in the golden era of the tango in Buenos Aires, where Tango and Jazz
lived together although playing separately.
Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009 and after more than 10 years of uninterrupted tours,
Tango Jazz Quartet has consolidated its presence in the music scene of most places in the world.
Band members
Martín Rao de Vita, on bass
Santiago Villalba, on piano
Mauricio Pasculli, on drums
Gustavo Firmenich, on tenor sax & clarinet
Social Networks
https://www.facebook.com/TangoJazzQuartet/ https://twitter.com/tangojazzq
Live performances videos

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