The Father Of Serpents , Kobold live



Data: 7 Octombrie 2022, 19:00 Vineri


THE FATHER OF SERPENTS is a well-known Serbian doom metal band, assembled in 2015. in Belgrade. With two albums, three singles and its ambiental but also heavy sound and many concerts behind them, the band is currently working on their third release. The sound of the band is inspired by the great names of the doom metal scene such as Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, MDB, Swallow The Sun etc.

Hailing from the depths of Serbian darkness since 2015, Kobold is a power trio of road hogs bent on thrashing, moshing & corrupting everything that is sacred.
Fueled by vast doses of Beer & "Vinjak", Kobold has pillaged its way through the Serbian metal scene from the alcohol & piss-ridden small clubs to the festival stages, with its unique ballbusting Speed Metal sound. Kobold is currently promoting their third studio album.


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