Career Centers Know-how



Data: 15 - 19 Aprilie 2019
Telefon Informații: +40 721 305 948
Locul:Timişoara, INCUBOXX


What is the goal of the training program?

The main purpose of the Erasmus+ STT week on Career Centers Know-how is to provide participants with the skills needed to support, guide and coach the students. The training will focus on understanding the needs of the students, the needs of the labor market and to bring the two together. From building bonds with the private sector, to counselling the students, the effectiveness of a career center is measured by the percentage of graduates integrated in the labor market within a given period of time. The training will emphasize the role of the career centers as match-makers for students and employment/internship opportunities. Participants will interact in a dynamic scenery, designed to foster dialogue and debate, being constantly challenged through tasks and case studies consisting of hypothetical scenarios.

Whom does it address?

Participants to the training should be members of the academic community with an English level of B1 or above, looking to develop and/or improve their know how in relation to the important role that a career center has within the academic community. The training targets mainly career center workers but it is definitely not limited to them.

How is the program structured?

The training program will take place in the lovely city of Timisoara, Romania. Timisoara is also known as little Vienna because of its habsburgic look and traces of the Austrian Empire. Timisoara was elected European Capital of Culture for 2021 because of its beauty, rich cultural life and peaceful blend of ethnic minorities. The training program will be divided into presentations and workshops combined with one-to-one coaching sessions. With a total duration of 25 hours, the classes will take place from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm. After completion, all participants will be awarded Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (STT) certificates. The training includes also a cultural component with the possibility to visit the Romanian village museum, a walking city tour and a traditional Romanian dinner.

Can the training be funded through Erasmus+ STT grants?

Yes, each participant can apply for a mobility grant within his/her institution. We will provide all the required documentation for the Erasmus+ STT grant applicants: invitation, training curricula and certificate of attendance.

What is the cost of the program?
The program package costs 650 euros and it includes:
-the training program;
-accommodation for 6 nights in a 3 star hotel;
-meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
-training materials.

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