CreativeMornings - Teodora Borghoff on 'Water'



Data: 28 Martie 2019, 07:00 Joi


It's official! Spring is here! Mother nature brought some joy and sun shine into our days and it's taken us some time to... breath!
Back to the inspiration board, we couldn't of asked for a better speaker for this month's theme!

Teodora BORGHOFF is a gardener of dreams. With fancier words, she is a consultant, trainer and mentor with experience in facilitation of participatory processes with multiple stakeholders, project design, proposal writing, and project implementation for non-profit structures. Her portfolio include small and large scale projects on heritage, social, cultural and technology related topics.

”Water ways” will combine her experiences as permaculture gardener in a small village, initiator of the Resilience Lab in Timișoara and the quest for innovative ways to tackle drought and climate change in Ethiopia. Whether water lacks or comes in excess, nurtures or destroys, we need to understand this vital element and become part of solutions that might come from daily simple gestures to audacious endeavors.

The event is on March 28th!
Tickets are out March 22nd!

CreativeMornings is a monthly lectures series for the creative community. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minutes lecture, coffee and great company! It makes it even more sense to have a chapter in Timișoara, building a stronger community!

CreativeMornings wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of global and local partners. With their support, this series of events can grow, and remain free and accessible to anyone.
The commitment in coming together as a community is all thanks to you, beautiful morning people and the great energies that make it happen: Flex - Romania, HdvStudio Echipa, Print by Aliosha, Dana Moica, AMBASADA, the volunteers and each and every speaker that accepts the challenge!

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