Banat IT Autumn BBQ


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Data: 12 Septembrie 2019, 18:30 Joi
Locul:Timişoara, Iulius Town


Last year we celebrated International Programmers’ Day (the 256th day of the year) at Banat IT Autumn BBQ, but this year we do it one day earlier, on the 255th day of the year.

And how else should we celebrate this wonderful IT community, but by organizing one of the most beloved events, now happening for the 6th time in Timisoara? Yes! It will be a day of celebration, a celebration of you, amazing peeps - altogether contributing to the progression of our community.

Brought to you by Banat IT, in collaboration with Iulius Town Timisoara, Banat IT AUTUMN BBQ kicks off on Thursday, September 12th at Iulius Gardens will be providing an upgraded venue, right in the middle of an evolving tech epicenter at Iulius Town Timisoara.

Together with current and future friends, colleagues and partner companies, YOU are invited to enjoy Banat IT Autumn BBQ - an informal networking event, an evening of smart casual interaction within our community.

Fun moments, contests, burgers and other BBQ recipes, networking and a little bit of partying will happen this September.

Stay tuned, more updates will follow.
See you there!


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