SoundART Festival Timisoara 2020



Data: 16 Martie 2020, 19:00 Luni


You would think, that Belzebong was forged in lava-filled bowels of hell, but you would bemistaken, it was actually Poland. Started off in 2008, since then bringing tons of evil weedianriffage under the sign of the Goat. The band drowns themselves in a sea of distortion, fuzz andenough bottom-end to cure the worst case of constipation - in other words this music will make youshit. Their album "Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves" released on Emetic records was a wicked trip downthe hazy and introspective fuzziness associated with a massive blast to the lungs. Followed by“Dungeon Vultures" 12" EP on Instant Classic label (re-released by Emetic records), brought yetanother dimension of acid-heavy trip through the smoky dungeons. Latest album entitled“Greenferno” (again on Emetic Records) sounds akin to a giant walking the earth, simply movingthings aside without noticing. Headbonging and smokediving they traveled through the vast majority of Europe, visited US andSouth America as well. True evil blues this band has summoned, and you the listener, shall reaptheir rewards, as the new album is coming!

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