Ulises ON AIR



Data: 4 Decembrie 2020, 17:00 Vineri


Next ON AIR is ULISES, which you most definitely know from @launmomentdat.
It's definitely going to get funky, disco, deep tomorrow.
The music is inside, but we can enjoy a hot drink on the terrace while listenting
It's a tough time for all of us and safety is our main concern so we need to make some adjustments in order to be able to keep meeting you guys.
Let's show that we can have fun while keeping safe, by following this rules:
- Masks must be worn at the bar area and common areas (toilets, acces point, etc)
- A distance of 1.5 m between people must be kept at the bar area and common areas (toilets. acces point, etc)
- All other saftey measures in the COVID 19 prevention
guidelines will be in place, according to the law


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