Film O'Clock International Festival 2021



Data: 27 Februarie - 4 Martie 2021


The time has come. Film O'Clock International Festival will kick off at the end of February. The festival uses meridians to connect audiences across cities, countries, and continents. With simultaneous screenings and live Q&A’s, audiences are given the chance to experience a film festival from miles away. Fromthe Baltics to the most Southern tip of Africa, the festival brings the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres together.
The first edition of the festival, which takes place in five different countries from the +2 meridian: Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Egypt and South Africa aims at bringing together people from all over the world.
From 27th of February until the 3rd of March, we hope you will join us for a lot of exciting events such as: Short Film Competition, Classic Cinema Section, Industry Talks & Networking Events.
More information regarding the schedule of the festival will arrive in the weeks to come, so make sure to join us here on this event in order to be up to date with everything Film O'Clock IFF related.
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