Atemporal w/ Superuser, Angel, Alexis Boevik



Data: 12 Mai 2023, 23:00 Vineri


n less than a month we’ll be celebrating our last indoor party of the season at D'arc Timisoara with none other than our good friend from Cluj: Superuser !
Embracing the designation of God over computer terminals but taking it up a notch, Superuser exercises nothing less than complete and utter mind control over his subjects. He's an obsessed vinyl head and versatile selector that glides through a wide range of styles in order to capture that elusive flow state every discerning party-goer is chasing.
Warming up the night will be none other than our usual suspects Angel b2b Alexis Boevik.
12th of May - SAVE THE DATE
Many thanks again to @kontrast.s for hooking us up with this amazing design!
 Soundsystem by zumzet acoustics
Event starts at 23:00
 Tickets at the door:
30lei before 00:00
40lei after 00:00

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