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Data: 19 August 2021, 18:00 Joi
Telefon Informații: 0722.122.123


We're keeping it cool from the 90's to 2000's - this time with a special guest LIVE.
Welcoming ALE this Thursday at Fratelli Terrazza - she will keep the vibe up & our hands in the air.
Come, join us in singing and dancing.
Weekend starts early, always!
Free entrance

★ENTRANCE: Free as a bird in the sky
★Dress code: Saturday Frenesy
▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼▲ ▼
For reservations: / 0722.122.123
Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.
See you,
Fratelli Team
Never ever drink & drive.
Don't swim in the river.

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