Data: 8 Aprilie 2023, 22:00 Sâmbătă


Join us for a sizzling night of Latino heat! This Saturday, April 8th, starting at 10 PM, DROP is bringing the hottest Latino and Commercial House Music to the dance floor with KRYSTYANO and DAWEED!
Their mixes will blow up your mind and will challange you to dance like never before!
Get ready to move your body to the rhythm of the drums and the most enchanting beats! The energy on the dance floor will be off the charts, and we've got some of the most mesmerizing dancers ready to hypnotize you with their moves!
Come and experience the caliente Latino vibe at DROP! We promise you an unforgettable night filled with good music, great vibes, and amazing people. The atmosphere will also resonate with the most famous Commercial HOUSE beats! We know exactly what musical genres you ! Don't miss out! See you on the dance floor!
Stay tuned and book your places!
FREE < 23:00
30 RON < 00:00
50 RON >00:00
RSVP at: 0737.740.111
08.04.2023 | 22:00
No sports hats, sportswear, inappropriate shoes, or sunglasses.
Be respectful of our dress code; otherwise, your access will be denied.
The consumption of prohibited substances is strictly restricted within our space; in case of violations, measures will be taken according to the legal provisions.
Reservations have priority at the door.
DROP reserves the right to select the clientele if the dress code rule will not be respected.
Behavior speaks more truth than words. Take care of yourself and each other.
Access 18+
See you,
DROP team

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