Onlybombs w. NUSHA, T78, Drummer In Cosmos



Data: 8 Noiembrie 2019, 23:00 Vineri
Telefon Informații: 0758 961 475
Evenimentele trecute
  • 8 Septembrie 2019, 23:00 Duminică


If you want to dance till your shoes will most definitely cry, you must to be present at this event. A night entirely dedicated to high quality fresh techno delivered to you by our lovely NUSHA & her partner in crime when it comes to #onlybombs. T78 is a dj/producer from Italy and founder of the techno label Autektone Records.
He has a superb way of connecting with his audience and taking them on an intense musical journey with high energetic grooves, which never seem to fail!
Responsible for the warm-up will be our genious local DJ, Drummer In Cosmos, who will introduce us as he knows best into the unlimited world of exquisite music.

Presale tickets 

For table: Fadil - 
Only 18+ allowed
Zero tolerance to people under the influence of any kind of drugs
You are not allowed to leave the club's perimeter if you're wearing a regular access bracelet until 04:00, otherwise your bracelet will be taken off and you'll have to re-pay the price of the ticket in order to get in again.
Please note that the we reserve the right to select our clients!

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