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Data: 19 Septembrie 2019, 20:00 Joi



....and they call it an Irish Pub
“Its like growing up with a tear in your eye and a storm brewing in your heart..” muses frontman Frankie McLaughlin on the musical heritage of the group. “We were raised on the Scottish & Irish music in our parents record collection, before colliding head-on with Punk Rock as we grew older & thought we knew everything.”
These two immovable pillars define The Rumjacks above all else, as they continue to cut their own path through the tangled musical landscape before them. Their own brand of Celtic Punk has seen them release two EP’s – ‘Hung, Drawn & Portered’ & ‘Sound as a Pound’ (’09), as well as three powerful full length albums – ‘Gangs of New Holland’ (’10), ‘Sober & Godless’ (’15), & ‘Sleepin’ Rough’ (’16).
The Rumjacks are signed to ABC Music / Four Four

• An Irish Pub Song has generated 52.6 MILLION views on YouTube.
• The Rumjacks are the #4 Australian band streamed on Spotify outside of Australia.
• 88,000 likes on Facebook
• Several significant and wild tours across Europe and North America
• Shared stages with many huge bands; Anti Flag, Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, GBH, The Aggrolites, Dwarves, CJ Ramone, and many more

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