Romanian Championship 2020



Data: 19 - 21 Iunie 2020


Romanian Championship is here committed to offer the best experience for its athletes. With 450 athletes in the on-site finals, the event is looking to be just awesome! You'll have a blast looking at all that going on in the competition, and more than enough to discover around the competition floor. We offer you activities, masterclasses, a spectator gym and a Vendor Village, a real fitness festival. Romanian Championship is open for anyone and consists of an online qualifier at gyms throughout the world and a final on-site event in the Timisoara (Romania).

The online Qualifier for individuals will be held from the 15th of February till the 29th of February 2020.

The first 15 teams registered in each category go straight to the finals, there are no qualifiers for teams!!

All individual athletes and all teams compete in all three days of the finals!


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